Just a little update on this: Otto Lechner (who is with the Montville Chamber of Commerce) finished the activity at the beginning of August, completing what he had set out to do which was to clear a 150m x 10m deep section overlooking the Balmoral Road escarpment. The depth was due to making room on the escarpment to dump all the vegetation that was removed. Total working time was 91 man hours.

The property owners also conducted working bees to clear away lantana.

I’m sure lots of people have noticed the magnificent view that now captures our sight as we drive by. It’s like walking through a forest and suddenly seeing a clearing ahead of us. It’s wonderful and I hope more of this clearing can be done although I know it takes a lot of work and requires many volunteers to help. More to come I am sure in the future.

(April 2019 – before clearing began)                          (September 2019 – after clearing)