Hall Bookings

For further information or hall bookings please contact the hall co-ordinator, Ruth Kuss, email:  hallcoordinator.mva@gmail.com

MVA Contact

The Secretary, MVA, PO Box 5, Montville QLD 4560  Email:  secretary.mva@gmail.com


Montville History Group

Montville Markets

Montville Village Hall

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee of elected Office Bearers manages the business of the MVA. The Office Bearers for 2021 to 2022 are:

President: Michael Bradley
Vice President:
Wayne Parcell
Secretary: Janny Spilsbury-Schakel
Treasurer: Mike Shine
Outgoing President:  Deb Davis

Hall Co-ordinator: Ruth Kuss

Market Co-ordinator: Judith Sinnamon
Montville History Group: Doug Patterson
Streetscape Co-ordinator
: Frith Duggan
Bushcare Group, Russell Family Park: Eric Anderson
Montville School Liaison: Skye Parker

OSCAR representative: Max Standage