The Montville Village Hall is situated in Memorial Close, off Main Street Montville, Queensland in the Sunshine Coast Region. Montville is a small village with one main street, the hall is set in the heritage precinct adjacent to the Village Green at the northeastern end of the main street.

Hall Bookings

For further information or hall bookings please contact the hall coordinator, Ruth Kuss, email: hallcoordinator.mva[at]

General MVA Contact

The Secretary, MVA, PO Box 5, Montville QLD 4560 secretary.mva[at]

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee of elected Office Bearers manages the business of the MVA. The Office Bearers for 2015 to 2016 are:

President: Deb Davis
Vice Presidents: John Muller
Secretary: Ruth Kuss
Treasurer: Frith Duggan
Events Coordinator: Louise Tasker
Hall Coordinator: Ruth Kuss
Market Co-ordinator: Judith Sinnamon
Streetscape Committee Member: Frith Duggan