The Defibrillator is held in the Montville Mountain Inn.

And from 8 December 2018, the DeFib will be accessible 24/7 because there will be a resident staff member – on site, living there (to be absolutely clear).

This means that should you need the use of a DeFib you will be able to get to it.

Sue will be living at the Inn full time and she is very friendly and has given me her mobile so she can be contacted easily. I’ve put that number below with the address also (just in case we have a reader who is new to Montville!)

The instructions on how to use the DeFib are written on the instrument. You will be guided by a voice recording. It is very straightforward.

Address: 118 Main Street, Montville

Landline: 07 5442 9499

Sue’s Mobile: 0401 139 324