The Montville Growers and Makers Market turns 10 years old.

10 years ago, the Montville Market was born after a group of motivated parents with a strong commitment to our local community, the environment, and the future of our children, joined the Montville Village Association and embarked on an amazing journey.

We found an organisation that had weathered the storms of conflict in the community and was in need of some fresh energy. We also found that our village hall, a testament to the co-operation of generations of Montville residents needed some tender loving care. How could we create a regular event that would bring people together and also raise money to look after the hall?

Judith Sinnamon, our then-events co-ordinator, discovered a treasure trove of old Johnsons crockery and brightly coloured anodised teapots that cried out to be used. After some serious discussion at the school gate the idea of the ‘Montville Local Produce Market’ was born, and a sub-committee formed to bring this idea into reality.

At the end of 2008 we established a mission for our market:

‘To bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to build a strong and
sustainable community by connecting local producers with local consumers.’

We were committed to encouraging locally grown and produced food, sharing knowledge about living sustainably on the Range and encouraging children to actively learn about sustainability and community through participation in the market.

Judith became our first Market Co-ordinator and gathered together our initial stallholders. A band of volunteers painted signs, appliqued banners, and sewed kilometres of bunting. Finally, we were ready to raise the banners, hammer in signs, string up bunting and open our first market on the second Saturday of July 2009.

That first market featured many elements that continue to this day. At the entrance of the hall Mark Inch made exceptional coffee to sustain the volunteers and market goers, whilst piano accordion music drifted down Memorial Close. Outside, the Naked Carrot, Froggies’ hummus, Montville citrus and strawberries were early stallholders. Inside the hall, we had Barung with trees and books about local wildlife and plants, Caroline’s jam and Frith Duggan with produce from the Montville School permaculture garden. In the kitchen, volunteers were busy turning out polenta pancakes made to Alison Lambert’s secret recipe and delicious buckwheat pancakes topped with banana and walnuts. In the supper room, school children delivered orders to locals who were gathered around shared tables to enjoy a chat with neighbours, a good cup of loose-leaf tea and breakfast served on yellow Johnsons crockery.

Over the past 10 years, the Montville Local Produce Market has grown into the Montville and Growers and Makers Market, with new stallholders, and those first children serving pancakes have grown into adults. The market has become an essential fundraiser for the Montville Village Association and a vital part of Montville community life, successfully bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds. I would like to thank all the stallholders, market goers and volunteers who have contributed to the success of our market over the past 10 years. Together we have created something very special.

Thank you,

Deb Davis

To celebrate our 10th anniversary on the 13th of July!!!!!
GIVE AWAY ONE FREE PANCAKE – to anyone who can correctly identify 2 of the children in this photograph who still volunteer at the market in 2019!

Montville Local Produce Market promotional photograph from 2009