We love the Sunshine Coast. That is a given. It’s why we live where we do. And it’s fast becoming one of the most sought after places in Australia to live. One aspect of migration is that people bring with them their own concepts of what living here is like and they also bring their own previous ways of living. They don’t know yet all the amazing, beautiful, outstanding places, visions, experiences that living here will give to them. And for people who already live here, it’s easy for us to forget how lucky we are and what we have on our own doorstep because we are busy running from here to there and back again.

This travelling show is made up of light and sound – vision and music. We will be able to ‘marvel at the splendour of our natural treasures in our region. It will be a celebration of nature and a journey through the history of the region through songs, stories and verse written and performed by local artists of the highest calibre. It will also feature photographic images of some of the most spectacular areas on the Sunshine Coast, photographed by celebrated photographers.’

This will be held at the Village Hall on Saturday 22 June. 4.00-9.00pm. Tickets are available at: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=485268

There will be stalls to look at and grazing plates available for $10 each plus wine, beer and soft drinks.