The Montville History Group (MHG) has begun the process of digitizing its archival collection. It has prepared a complete set of The Village Crier (1994-1996), The Montville Gazette (1996-2000) and the Montville-Flaxton Happenings (2003-2005) for The Sunshine Coast Genealogy Society which has offered to assist us in this process. These local Montville ‘papers’ record a fascinating social history of Montville over a decade and once they are digitised can be posted on our website – – for everyone to access.

The next, more challenging step in this process is to sort through the huge collection of photographs so the most interesting and relevant to our history can be digitised.

Stories added to our website since July include:
• The Negus Family
• The Hunchy Senescall Family
• Under the Radar: The Obi Obi Creek and Tcheergun Walking Tracks
• Montville Place Names – Marshall Road
• Montville Place Names – The Tullawonga Track/Butt’s Road/The Western Road/The Other Road/Western Avenue
• When the Going Gets Tough – The Tough Get Going. A tribute to Maria and George Butt, pioneers of Montville

Stories currently being worked on include:
• Baroon Pocket Before The Dam: From Dairy Farms to Market Farms and Small Businesses
• The Montville Bowls Club
• The Montville Tennis Club

If you can help us with these histories with stories, memories or photographs of these special Montville communities, two of which are no longer with us, please contact Cate Patterson on