The Montville History Group recently received five exciting stories about growing up and living in Montville from the 1930s to the 1970s. We were delighted to accept them and, with the authors’ permission, to publish them as ‘recollections’. These stories bring our history to life and we hope will reach a wider audience. If you have a request for us to research a local family or story, add to one of our existing stories, or if you would like to submit your own story, please contact Cate Patterson at

The most recent stories added to the website include:
Montville Place Names – Mill Hill Road;
Cricket midst the Cowpads;
Ernest Jones Burnett;
Reminiscences of Montville, 1938 – 1939;
Montville Memories by the Moore Children, 1955 – 1965;
School Memories – 1977

Our Italian POW Story also continues on the website as we continue to receive information from various points on the compass.

We hope you will enjoy them and share them with others.

The Facebook response to the random 1977 school photo was so rewarding that we could well repeat the process again, so if you have a photo of your school year please feel free to send us a copy.