Ever wondered about some of the place names around Montville?  It seems locals and tourists alike are scratching their heads when it comes to locating places like George Carpenter Place, Russell Family Park, Red Hill, Dip Hill and even the Sportsground.  Who are the people behind our street names – Glover Court, Hoffman Close, Cynthia Hunt Drive, Gaden Road, etc?

When was the Hunchy School built?   Where is Skenes Hill?  How was the Elston Guest House used during WWII?

To find out, check out the 2018 articles on Montville History Group’s website: http://montvillehistory.org.au/ – stories about Montville’s Place Names, the Short Families of Hunchy, Early Transport, Elston Guest House and the Sunshine Coast Maestro of Music.

After temporarily housing the MHG archive collection in locked cupboards and files at the back of the Village Hall, the Group has accepted the generous offer by Montville State School to house its collection in a room in Razorback House.  This will facilitate access and enable members to conduct their research and proceed with digitising the collection.  If you are interested in helping with these projects, please contact Cate Patterson on 0427 790 472 or email cate.patterson@jayb.com.au.

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By Cate Patterson