The Mastership of the Lodge passed on 21 September 2019 to Worshipful Brother Gary Ackerman and the Lodge anticipates a continuing successful year under his stewardship.

Earlier in 2019 the very large Camphor Laurel tree in front of the Lodge grounds was removed. It had been for some time showing signs of increasing ill health and in the storm of early 2019 had tried to drop large branches on the Main Street pedestrian path and the public seat on that path. It has been replaced with a native White Bean. The Lodge is grateful to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council for its financial support in undertaking this replanting.

The Lodge has gained two new members (soon to be three) in the last year and will welcome any suitable community member wishing to join. Enquiries may be directed in the first instance either to the Secretary, Very Worshipful Brother Howard Dempsey (Ph. 5448 5629) or to Worshipful Brother John Watson (Ph. 5478 5570.