Montville Rural Fire Brigade (RFB) statistics since 1 April 2019:

Number of Crews called out to incidents: 25
RFB personnel responding: 68

Montville RFB has responded to incidents (this term includes occurrences from suspected smoke observed by citizens, to major fires). Response requests have involved fires at Buderim area, Teewah, Woolooga, Conondale and more recently Peregian, as well as locally in the Blackall Range/local Sunshine Coast region.

You will all be aware the present fire season is of concern, and the breakdown of incidents (some involving multiple crews) to which the Brigade has been called out from 1 April to 23 September is:

April:                      0
June:                      0
July:                       0
August:                  3
1-23 September: 11

The brigade has undergone continuous training (both at the Montville Fire Station, and at QFES-run training courses and seminars) together with community related activity. Amongst other things this has encompassed firefighting skill maintenance, First Aid re-certifications and turnout at a Montville Village market day.

The Brigade is actively seeking and will welcome any volunteers from within the community.

The information given at the recent Montville Village Association meeting concerning the new experience of Queensland rainforest burning in the Binna Burra area, though given out in good faith, was wrong. The Lodge, which was destroyed in the Scenic Rim fires was in fact surrounded on three sides not by rainforest but by eucalypt growth. Rainforest resistance to rapid ignition continues to be the case.

Phone: Mark Roderick, 1st Officer 0409 480 058
Fire station: 5478 5555 and leave a message at the prompt
Our Fire Warden is John Watson and his number is 0477712175.

Contribution by John Watson