Greetings, from Montville Rural Fire Brigade.

I would like to remind everyone not to be complacent with the good weather we have experienced, mainly the decent rain in recent months. The markers we use to dictate our alert level and readiness for the rest of the season are starting to rise. A few of these markers are ground moisture, relative humidity and temperature. As I write this, there are a few large fires happening just to our north and south, and all the Sunshine Coast is at a higher state of awareness due to less ground moisture, higher temperatures, warm winds and lower relative humidity. All these factors mean we have a more elevated chance of moderate intensity fires starting. That said we only need a storm or general rain to lower these values. With storms also comes the risk of lightning strikes, and with little or no rain in the storm, to kick off a fire.

So please make sure you have cleaned around your property and listen for any fire alerts for this area. You can go to our webpage to find the information you need or use the links to search yourself.

If anyone is interested in joining the brigade, please use one of the following contacts.

All the best and stay safe from Montville RFB.




Phone: Mark Roderick, 1st Officer 0409 480 058

Fire station: 5478 5555 and leave a message at the prompt

Our Fire Warden is John Watson and his number is 0477712175.