Regulated Parking – Sunshine Coast Council originally included a portion of regulated parking in the project for the road crossings. However, they have now requested Montville Chamber of Commerce and the MVA to each make contact with their membership to ask for formal acceptance of this.

The intention was for regulated parking to be undertaken in the Main Street during business hours, for it not to be metered but for Council to monitor it.

An email was sent to the MVA membership in the middle of May with a request for a response by 31 May. The majority of responders voted for Yes. There were several Nos and some of the feedback from this was very helpful and will be incorporated into our response to Council.

The Chamber of Commerce are also conducting a survey of businesses and there will be a submission to Council.

Razorback Lookout behind the Montville School is a lovely spot to stop and wind down. Maybe before you collect the children or even afterwards. A place to let you stop and take deep breaths and think about the beauty of the Range and of the view coastwards.

The Sunshine Coast Council has refurbished the old lookout and while it looks the same, it’s now nice and shiny. A gentle place to share a picnic, a thermos, a dream or two.

The telephone box (Tardis) at the top of Main Street has been repainted by Otto and Craig from The Chamber of Commerce.

A project looking into the vegetation along the Tourist Drive is underway. This is to promote the importance of having the Blackall Range Tourist Drive open itself up to the views that hide behind the prolific growth of lantana and invasive weeds lining the roadside boundaries of Sunshine Coast’s unique natural asset.

Otto has also been very busy working on the 130m section of the Tourist Drive which was chosen as the pilot (RP OSP171040). This commenced at the beginning of April with the clearing of noxious weeds growing in a 6m+ wide band of the ridge along the fence line of private and DMRT properties. Roots of the overgrowth was either removed or poisoned and the overall cleared waste material was placed on the receding embankment for decomposition.

Up to the 22nd May, 35 man hours have been put into the section cleared to date.  Approximately 65m has been cleared along the roadside.

…… and the resulting view from the road is breathtaking !!!!

Attached photo shows the road section for the pilot clearing and the task completed to date.